Tier: 0

UI Elements

To the left is the current tier. The higher the number, the harder the game. Advances every 20 seconds.

The first bar is your energy. Bright blue is your current charge, dark blue is the weapon's minimum charge, and red is your weapon's current charge.

And, to the right! No sirs, not FPS, this is the number of milliseconds it takes to complete a frame. 33 is what the script is trying for, faster will make the game harder, and slower will make the game boringer.


3bored makes extensive use of javascript and the canvas tag (Sorry IE, you're not invited to the party.). The smaller your window, the better the game will run. You'll most likely have best results in Safari/Webkit, Firefox 3, Opera, and Chrome. If your browser or computer aren't fast enough with javascript or canvas, I don't care! If 3bored crashes your browser, I take glee in its accomplishment.


Up arrow / W key : Fly upwards.
Left arrow / A key : Fly to the left.
Right arrow / D key: fly to the right.
Space bar: Hold to charge, release to attack.
P: Pause the game.
R: Respawn (only active while dead)



This is you! You are equipped with amazing flying powers, and the ability to crash into the ground, destroying everything in your way.

Healthy the HealthCapsule

Healthy just wants to help you, at the beginning of each new tier he will float on in from the left side. Bump into him and he'll disappear. Smash into him with your attack though, and he'll dispense healing bullets! Also, increases maximum health by 10.



This is a tank, they crawl along at the bottom of the screen. They are equipped with artillery cannons and eventually flak cannons.

Plane - Tier 2

This is a plane, you can tell they're more dangerous because they are pointier than tanks. They are equipped with a gun and can do loops. Eventually they can drop depth charges and perform loops. 20 damage dealt if they crash into you.

Orbital Satellite - Tier 14

This is an orbital satellite, it comes equipped with an orbital laser cannon. Loop around above the play-field firing their cannon, they can not be killed or seen.


All enemy weapons will knock you back, proportionate to their speed and damage.

Air shock

The first stage of your attack, while plummeting to the earth you send out shock-waves through the air to rip apart planes, and break open the piƱata that is Healthy.

Ground shock

The second stage of your attack, upon crashing into to the earth, a shock-wave is emanated from you, destroying unwary tanks.

Artillery cannon

Basic weapon used by tanks. 8 damage per shot, 5 shots per salvo. 6 second reload time.

The weapon planes use that I can't really think of a name for.

Basic weapon used by planes. 2 damage per shot, 6-12 shots per salvo. 2 second reload time.

Flak cannon - Tier 6

An inaccurate cannon used to shoot down flying things, used by tier 6 tanks and beyond. 1 damage per shot, 25 shots per salvo, 3 second reload time. Tip: Relatively painless from afar, deadly up close.

Depth charge - Tier 9

Planes may carry these happy bombs. After being launched, they briefly float around rapidly pulsing. then fall away harmlessly.

From plane: 1-3 shots per salvo, no reloads.

From depth charge: 15 shots, 5 damage per shot, no reloads.

Orbital Laser Cannon - Tier 14

Sky briefly glows a shade of angry, a laser punches through the sky destroying anything that it crosses paths with.

Insta death per shot, 1 shot per salvo, 5 second reload.

Note: Kills all enemies and weapon fire it hits.


  1. Tanks spawn.
  2. Planes spawn.
  3. Planes gain 3 bullets, 9 total. Planes spawn more often.
  4. Planes gain 3 bullets, 12 total. Planes have a 40% chance to execute a loop. Planes spawn more often.
  5. Nothing...
  6. Tanks have a 20% chance of equipping flak instead of artillery.
  7. Tanks have a 40% chance of equipping flak instead of artillery.
  8. Tanks have a 60% chance of equipping flak instead of artillery.
  9. Planes equipped with 1 depth charge.
  10. Planes equipped with 2 depth charges.
  11. Planes equipped with 3 depth charges.
  12. Nothing...
  13. Nothing...
  14. 1 orbital satellite
  15. Nothing...
  16. 2 orbital satellites
  17. Nothing...
  18. 3 orbital satellites